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Goodwood Revival


So last Saturday I was lucky enough to attent the Goodwood Revival. We had free tickets and Woodcote grandstand tickets, not bad eh? So myself and my two best mates tootled off down to Goodwood in a knackered old Ford KA. I am proud to say as we parked between two Ferraris we probably had the cheapest (not the oldest), most uncool car in the car park. But it got us there and back and I don't think there was any chance of it being stolen. This brings me to an interesting point. All three of us have owned old and interesting cars, in fact one mate has owned everything from Porsches, Ferraris, Bentleys, Jaguars and a real Le Mans GT40 and lots more. My other friend is an ex Essex car dealer, in the Saturday saloon race he has at one time or other owned every type of car in the race. Apart from the winning Studebaker. You do get to an age where you realise classic cars are a pain in the arse to own, but wonderful to look at and admire. I wouldn't say no to a lovely 390 Mustang though. 

Oh yes Goodwood, what a fantastic event, I reckon 95% of people were dressed up and 100% of those that were women were dressed for it. All looked very elegant and not a mobile phone in view. Now when you go to Le Mans I reckon that to every woman you get at least 500 men. And all of them are sniffing, coughing, burping, farting and pissed, but at Goodwood 50/50 men to women. Even the kids were dressed up. All very friendly and polite and as I already said, very elegant. 

The racing was fantastic, lots of stalls, lots of retro stuff (40s, 50s, 60s, Americana etc.) But all we bought was, yes you guessed it, beer (not for our driver though) and a burger. Not exactly cheap but you do not expect it to be. Really good day out, good racing, nice people and very well organised.

On our way back in our super KA, there are a lot of roadworks on the M23, a big sign saying that it is being upgraded to a smart motorway. It seems smart is the new buzz word. But what the fuck is a smart motorway?

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