Four weeks until Christmas


As you all know it is four weeks until Christmas, so if you wish to buy one of our lovely slot car kits please do not leave it until the last minute as once it gets into December we like to slow up a bit. Our last post for Christmas will be going out on the 16th so be sure to give us enough time to get things done. As you may know we are only a small operation, but we do pride ourselves on our extensive Christmas delivery fleet... Joe driving to the post office one a week when we get a chance. You can rest assured, it is a post office inside Waitrose so that makes all the difference. 

 The Triumph GT6 is our last new model this year. I will be remaking quite a few silicone moulds and reworking a couple of models in the next couple of weeks. But prototyping will take a back seat until the new year. We do have lots of new staff for 2020. Our Cobra GT will be our first model release, artwork is underway plus a couple of new artworks. Our Edwardian racecar project is also now going ahead for 2020. Gareth at ChaseCars and myself stil,l have a few bits to sort out, but we just need a little more time for it to come together and get a good stock of grey and cream tyres.

As you may be aware Friday the 29th of November is Black Friday, where lots of retailers cut their prices for the day. But we like to be a little bit different, so for one day only we are not changing our prices at all! If you are lucky we may even increase them! So I suggest you take advantage of this great offer and buy lots of model for Christmas presents and save absolutely nothing! (only joking) 

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