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Darracq chassis issue


Every now and then we make mistakes, turns out we are human after all... I know, I know. 

If you have received one of our new 3D printed chassis for the 1905 Darracq (ED-211), or have purchased one of the stand alone chassis ED-CHA-301 you may encounter a slight problem. When fitting the chassis to the Darracq body the body will sit uncomfortably high. This is because we are somewhat stupid and when prototyping this new chassis we forgot to test the fit with the motor in place. As a result it does not fit. 

With this in mind if you have found this problem and require a new chassis to replace the faulty one please email us at with your original order number if you can find it, and let us know you need a new one sent out to you. 

We have been mad dashing this week to get a new chassis ready that fixed the issue and thankfully we seem to have pulled it off. 

So with the annoying stuff sorted, our 1.24 scale Ford Anglia is just about there and will be on the car page in a few days. The decals are done so you can choose between the Broadspeed car or generic decals to make your own version. Just need to redo the Mini now to run along the new Imp and Anglia. 

I know I said no more Edwardian type race cars, but I lied. I now have a Singer, Hudson, and Bugatti to finish, plus the Frazer Nash Owlett is coming along nicely. What after that? Something more modern maybe, modern for me anyway. 

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