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Christmas is getting closer


So it is the end of the year. Which means we will be having a little bit of time off to rest our weary bones. And then come back refreshed in the new year.
For our customers it means our last official day before Christmas will be the 15th of December, and our last post will be sent out on the 18th of December. 
So get your orders in quick, as if you want a nice little slot car for christmas there is not much time. Remember we do not carry lots of stock and most of our kits are made to order so leave ample time for Joe to get them moulded (in other words order now!) (Also remember, we are not Amazon with a million workers and a fleet of delivery vans, just two blokes and a shed, but I think we do alright considering.)
Joe has his little elf hat on and is working very hard to get orders out. 

We will not be releasing anything new until the new year. The Maserati Tipo 65 is taking shape nicely and the the 3D anglewinder chassis is looking good. This anglewinder unit will be very useful for other cars. Another Alfa is blocked out, as is the LM Lagonda, and a 1/24th Austin A35. We will also be bringing back one of my favourites, the Jaguar Mk. 7. It will be updated and have a full rework to bring it up to modern spec. 

A little while ago I asked about recomendations for new models. Had some interesting suggestions but one thing that came up a few times is when people say "you can do all these different liveries". In terms of making a model this is a big turn off. Any big and intricate livery is going to cost quite a lot of money to do, and if a car has many then doing all of those liveries makes the problem more so. When it comes to that sort of car it has to be very famous in order for the investment to be worth while.  

In any case, LAST POST IS THE 18TH!

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