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Yes we are back to work but a few small changes. As already mentioned I will not be amking RTR or painted specials to order for a while. I need to spend time making prototypes which is what I really enjoy and what I am actually quite good at. A lot of bits we can now 3D print, chassis, wheels etc. But the bodyshells I still carve by hand. I have yet to see many good 3D printed bodyshells, especially stuff on ebay. I realise in time this will improve but I can still do a better job by hand. I have always said peoples perception of a car is often different than a technically accurate model. Most so called accurate models do not look right and achieving that balance is the art. Computers have a job achieving this and most times they are only as good as the person pushing the buttons, and scanning only copies someone elses mistakes. 

Anyway let recap on our projects, first we will get on and finish our 1/24 scale 60s saloons (Imp, Anglia, Mini) then back to the 1.32 Frazer Nash Owlet. Then maybe the 1935 Le Mans winning Lagonda or  nice Rolls Royce silver cloud, plus my little Ginetta. Lets see what happens.

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