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Back to making prototypes


Back to making prototypes after a couple of weeks of contract work. I am back to normal and the Super Imp is finished and will be on the car page soon. I think I will make one with a wing on the back, yes they do exist. It will look bloody great, honest.

The 1938 C-type Auto Union is taking shape nicely and should be done for Gaydon. Lots of room inside this one for a reasonable chassis as it is quite wide for a GP car. Also with a bit of jigery pokery a full cockpit and driver is possible. Why no one has made a model of this car is strange. It is a good looking car, has a long wheel base so it will make a great slot car while being scale (ish). Don't get me started on this one again (Note from Joe, he just got started on this one again).

Why is it all the major Slot car manufacturers can turn out any old shit, any old shape, any width, any wheel base as long as it vaguely looks like the thing it is supposed to be and that is fine. A lot of clubs are happy to race these, "they must be right it is made by Scalnincarslotnsryx, they could never be wrong." I on the other hand stick 2mm in the width of my Anglia and I am an evil monster that should be burned at the stake (mm steak). 

Now here is the thing, my models are a darn sight more accurate in terms of detail than what you buy from the big manufacturers. Not all mind, but most are inconsistant at best. There are a lot of models made by the big firms I would love to do properly but that would not be financially sensible. Mk. 1 Capris, Mk. 1 and 2 Escorts (although the SCX one is not bad), Minis, Lancia Statos, Vanwalls etc. In fact with a lot of old cars they cannot be bothered to go out and measure and do a bit of research. Having said that I am not in a position, financially, to measure and photograph every car I make a model of myself. But there is absolutely no excuse for getting escorts and Capris wrong, there are still a few about. Kit manufacturers are just as bad. Trumpeter made a 1/24 scale model of a Ford Falcon, similar to my 1/32 Falcon or you would think so. The Trumpeter kit is awful, how could they have got it so wrong. It is not that difficult to get right if you are bothered. For my new Auto Union I have 7 photos, that is it. But hopefully I can have a good stab at making a reasonably accurate model.

Having said all this, I buy Slot It cars and I particularly like racer sideways cars, but if you think these are super accurate, scale models you are sadly mistaken. What they are is very well proportioned, great looking slot cars and that is the important bit. They look right and work well. There are a couple of firms who also widen their models Nnnnn....nnnnn no names mentioned but they do not look right. They go well but just don't cut mustard shape wise. Now I know this is hard to believe but I have been known to get shapes slightly wrong. Honestly a couple of my cars I look at and think mm that is a bit out. Please do not try and guess as you would be wrong and would potentially really annoy me. Don't forget all I have to make my prototypes from is a block of tooling board and a pointed stick. 

It does not matter how good you make a model and how long you spend doing artwork for decals, some dickhead on a forum knows better. 99% of comments on forums are good and positive. But now and then you read something from some know all and it really gets your goat. Just because some knob puts something on a forum does not mean it is correct. If I have made an error, bring it to my attention first (politely). There may be a reason for it or I can modify the mistake when I can, thanks for pointing it out to me. Positive input is always appreciated. Believe it or not I am not perfect. 

Also we work to a specific price threshold. I could, if I wanted to, make much more detailed modelswith a lot more parts and a much higher price to suit. But I would soon be out of business.

Anyway here is a picture of our dog Scruffy and a Super Imp.

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