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19-09-13 I am at last sorting out all my wheel inserts and boy have I got a lot. I have started to organise them and make up moulds so hopefully I will have some on the accessory page soon. The main wheels I have inserts for are slot it 17, 16.5 and 15, race R02, R01 and penelope pitlane PPCL and PPCB. I will add a few more soon. They are all resin so are nice and light and look very good. We have a variety from 5 bolt steel wheels, minilites, american mags and so on. You can see how good they look as all my models on this site use them. The group 44 Jag is being remoulded and modified to take a laser cut chassis at the moment. It will still come with a resin chassis as standard but this has also been improved. This is one car that does not need widening or lowering as it is the widest car I make. It is an awesome looking car and an absolutely ideal slot car with those massive wheel arches. The decals for the next models will hopefully arrive in the first week of October so I am looking forward to decaling up a couple of Galaxies and Mustangs.

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