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I thought you might like to see what is going on in the workshop. I am doing a new version of the MGK3, this is Dick Seamans K3 in which he wont the 1934 prix de Bern. It is going to be a very limited edition run of about 30 (or as many as I can get out of the mould before it dies). I might do some ready builts as well but only very few, each model will come with a little GTM nameplate and a number. I have not worked out the pricing yet. In case you are wondering each and every rivet and louvre is put on one at a time, coming to about 2 days work. The real car is still running but I have only found one photo of the car at the race.

The new decal sheets should arrive next week so the Ferrari 126C2 and the Maserati 4CLT will be ready for release. Have a fair few orders already, and am now taking pre orders.

Also if you are making an online enquiry (via the form) make sure your correct email address is entered. Mr Lenzke of Belgium if you are reading this could you please resend your email address as it did not come through properly.

All the best George

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