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Well that is Gaydon done for another year and again a great show

24-05-16 Well that is Gaydon done for another year and again a great show. Lots going on, lots of stands and lots of tracks. I guess the main event of the year for us Slot Racers, so a big thank you to Roger Barker and all the organisers. These shows are very hard work and each year they seem to get harder. Up at 4 on Saturday morning, drive to Gaydon, set up and by 10, when the public come in, we have already been up 6 hours. Also I tend to stand up all day so I am my feet from 7.30 until 5. Very tiring for an oldy (oldish) like me. Also incredibly, no one got up my nose or annoyed me all weekend. Well not at the show anyway. The hotel (holiday inn at Leamington Spa) did annoy me a tad. Arrived somewhat tired after the show and the lady at reception had left her smile and any form of courtesy at home. First off she sent us to an already occupied room, walked in and peoples stuff was strewn around the room already. So back down to reception. "Excuse me happy lady but that room is already occupied." "Are you sure? Errr we only have one room left" she says. "Thats alright we only need one." So no apology or anything not even a glimmer of a smile. Then we were informed the kitchen was up shit creek so there was only a limited menu for dinner. Not to worry, into the bar, but there somewhat of a wait. Lynda likes a nice glass of Merlot. "Oh we dont sell Merlot any more because people liked it, but we have replaced our nice wines for ones that taste like goats piss (full disclosure, I have never drunk goats piss... Knowingly). Fortunately they sold Bud so I was reasonably Ok, even if it was 4 quid a bottle. After that off to the restaurant. Lynda and I took the total number of people in there up to four. This was obviously four too many for div of a waiter to manage. Any chance of ordering some sort of dinner? Any chance of cleaning the table? Any chance of dessert? Any chance of you not leaning on the effing bar and doing some effing work. Now when you are very tired these things seem like the end of the world, they are not, it is all relative, but this is no excuse for bad service and a lack of courtesy. Breakfast was totally different, the staff were friendly and efficient and on the ball as it should be. Oh yes about the show, we were thankfully very busy. Our most popular model was, surprisingly, our modified E-type Jag but then it does look very nice, especially painted Ford Tango Red. The XK120s sold well and the new BRM was also very popular. I took all of my new, unfinished prototypes with me to gauge opinion. These included an Aston Martin DB2, DBR1, Lister Jag Knobbly, Connaught A series, Lotus 30/40, Alfa T33 Daytona, Fraser Nash, 1936 Maserati, Cunningham C4R and C4RK. Now I do realise most of these cares have been done before and you may say why not do cars that have not been done. But in all honesty if I did that I would be making a load of very uninteresting cars that no one will buy. If a new plastic aeroplane kit manufacturer starts up the first kits they make are the Spitfire, Hurricane and Me109 etc. So it doesnt worry me that virtually all the Astons have been done I want to make my versions. I want to I want to! Stamps foot. The E-type and BRM are now up on the car page.

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