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We have modified the 12C back to 8C

25-04-14 A short week due to easter so we are a little behind with orders so please bear with us. The chap 2D is coming on, it may not look like Ive done much on it but believe me I have. Getting the general shape is easy. Getting it right is a bit more tricky. Hopefully I will make a good job of it. The 2D will also be made to fit on an RM laser cut chassis from release. We have modified the 12C back to 8C. Have not moulded it yet as I want to make it lighter than the 12C, which I thought was a little heavy. As mentioned last week, the 8C is subtly different to the 12C and will be a completely new casting. I will also have to do some new decals for these models. The fraser Imp and the racing Imp have been revamped and remoulded with a new, more up to date resin chassis. And yes they are slightly lower and a bit lighter. Next week we should have the Lotus Cortina on the website and it already is made to fit on an RM chassis (already for sale). Maybe next week I will get something finished and moulded. Also we now have some bearings and RM chassis in stock, so go buy em!

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