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02-03-15 Two news this week, or should that be newses. When will I get any work done. At last pictures of the finished Maserati 250Fs (three versions) and Ferrari 801s(two versions, with two more on the way). All are now on the car page so feel free to go buy some, please. The new heavyweight E-type is also on the car page. This is lucky as I was whizzing around our track last thursday and the E-type went very well, did have a couple of crashes though. But they may have been more to do with the driver. On the accessories page a couple of new items. New brake drums for the Maserati 250F, these fit on the pendle slot wire wheel. Also new decal sheets of tyre decals and headlight tape. I will also be reducing the price of the decals a bit as well. You may have noticed in the last news pics of our track with the two new 8ft sections in place. It is all up and running and it is even better. Three fast straights, some tight turns, big sweeping turns and a banked section. The timing equipment is now working fine so now all we need is more members. All we charge is £5 a session and no club fees. You dont have to join, just turn up. If anyone wants to chat about it you can email us or phone at 01702 291716. But remember no stupid questions and dont drone on about your latest illness or how awkward it is to get around after your leg fell off. I was in the pub with some mates the other night, now remember we are all around the sixties mark. Some are older some slightly younger. The main topic of conversation turned to how ill we all were. One mate gets panic attacks when he drives and has to go to the toilet at least 9 times a day (yet he is still a fat bastard), also has to wear a mask at night due to sleep apnea. He was on large glasses of red wine. Another mate has to have his heart jump started, we think with a set of jump leads and a 12 volt battery, he has to take rat poison everyday. He was on double bottles of budweiser (no point in only getting one). Another mate who is a second hand car dealer (evil) gets bad migraines and goes blind in one eye and also snores so badly that he has to sleep in the spare room. Even then his lady says she can still hear him. He was on large VATs. Me, well I have had to take steroids every day since I was 18 so I win. Oh yes, I was on double budweisers as well. And before anyone says that lagers etc. are not real beer, complete bollocks. Bud, Coors and Tiger beer make me drunk and give a hangover just as well, they also taste nice. It doesnt have to have bits floating in it and look like rusty water to be good. Each to their own. The only I drink draught is in a restaurant in Southend called the Pipe of Port. They do a beer called NATS (Naturally Aged Traditionally Strong, clevey eh). I can usually manage three pints and I know I will feel like death in the morning. I will admit the wine and Irish coffees probably dont help. As you know I live in Essex, the land of culture. And to me a good night out usually includes a curry and more bottles of beer, usually Kingfisher or Cobra. It all tastes great. Before anyone starts to think I am an alcy, I only drink twice a week and if binge drinking is three drinks (What effing idiot thought that one up) I dread to think what we do is called. I guess we would like to drink more, but it takes longer to recover the older you get. We do not drink and drive or anything like that. Back in the 70s it was quite normal to fall out of ones Capri at the feet of a police officer, who would give you a bollucking and drive off, happy days. A quick note on the MK swapmeet, one or two have asked why I had my bobble hat on all day. Well to begin with it was cold but when I took it off I found I had bobble hat hair. What I have left was standing on end and would not flatten down, so I looked like a div and had my hat on all day.

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