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Two new wheel inserts for the 2D

17-10-14 At last the first version of the Chapparal 2D is moulded. The chassis is also done and it has had a run on the track. Now you would think that is it but now I have to make the interior, which is another days work, then the windows and the headlight mouldings which will probably take another couple of days. When I think about it these sports/ saloon type cars take at least twice as long as an old GP car. But I guess I cant make GP cars all the time hmm... Maserati 250F next? No, the next car will be the Talbot. Seriously though there is a hell of a lot of work in a car like the Chap, but I will be able to get four different versions out of it. All four will be different body castings, and are quite different from one another apart from the Nurburgring car which is similar to the Le Mans car (excluding wing mirrors and headlights). At least the chassis and other bits do not have to be remade. I think the Daytona car should look particularly good. Now a few words on the colour (yes I know Ive had a moan already but Ive done a bit of research). The Chaps as they are now (all of them) are very very white, as they were originally. But gel coats, white gel coats especially will change shade due to sunshine and weather and in the 60s pigment and paint technology was no where near as good as it is today, so I am going to paint my Chaps Halford appliance white gloss, so there. Feel free to paint yours the wrong shade and believe me they were never ever cream. I have made, as you can see on the pics, two new wheel inserts for the 2D. I thought I could get away with using Slotit ones as on the 2E but they are different from the ones on the 2D so new ones were made. Again that was not a five minute job, but very important for the look of the model. By next week we should have the widened E-type and the Bullfrog done. Well maybe the Bullfrog will be done. I must admit I do like modifying these plastic models. It is a sort of light relief from making a new prototype from scratch. I guess if it was easy more people would be doing it. We have now sold all of our PST wire wheel kits. Hopefully we will be able to sort out some more in the future. Peter is finding it tricky to get the parts manufactured at a reasonable price so the price per wheel became too high. Believe me Peter put a lot of work into these wheels. Neither of us make money from them (I sell them at cost). I am just that nice (joking). Final Note, I will be at the Bishops Stortford swapmeet on Sunday.

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