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Thought I must write some news this week as last week I was very busy and I forgot

07-06-16 Thought I must write some news this week as last week I was very busy and I forgot. There was a swarm of locusts, a terrible flood, I was kidnapped by Brexit people who tried everything to change my mind. Fortunately I did not succumb to Brexititus and I still wish to remain. This is the most important vote and referendum we will probably have and the most important in my lifetime and I am 62. This is probably more important than any general election. Farage, Gove, Boris, the Hamiltons effing idiots one and all. The cry of we want our country back, but we never lost it. We are an island, we have a bloody great moat around us. I have a strong and confident belief in my Englishness but I am also European and proud to be so. From my personal perspective, model wise, most of our kits are sold to Europe, our resin and materials come from Europe. We post to Europe, dead easy. We deal with Europe, dead easy. Will this change? I dont know but if it does there is no way it will change for the better. And that is it, if you think things will improve by leaving Europe you are totally wrong. Go on listening to the ramblings of Farage and twathead Boris, who I totally believe have other peoples best interests at heart... cough. Their main weapon is immigration, but we need immigration. At the moment we have three workers for every retired person. Within a few years it will be one working person to every retired person, and then we will be up shit creek. Besides, leaving the EU will not stop all the refugees who come from outside the EU. Much of the Brexit campaign is based around racist misinformation. They wish to divide us, and remember divide and conquer. The campaign is run by idiots and once we leave Europe we will not get back in. The thing is if you have made up your mind that we should leave my ramblings wont change your mind. However, if I can sway a couple on the fence then that is good. I will leave the NHS and our contribution to the EU budget until next week. Anyway that pissed off a few of my customers I have no doubt, but I suppose I should write a bit about slot cars. Well as you can see I have blocked out 13 models and most are British. Dont want any of that European rubbish. Oh wait there is a Ferrari, an Alfa and a Maserati wont sell any of them to Brexits. I wonder how many Brexit supporters drive Mercs and BMWs. Surely they should buy a car manufactured in this country to support British workers. Oh yeah slot cars. I have all my cars for this year and a bit of next sorted. The Cunninghams are taking shape as are two of the Astons. It is strange when I get to this stage, I have no idea which model will be finished next. In fact it is a wonder anything gets finished but it seems to. I have always been incapable of starting one model and finishing it without starting another. I get bored very easily. Trouble is I have run out of tooling board, which comes from the EU. The pound will plummet which will mean tooling board, resin and rubber will go up in price and so will my kits along with everything we eat, drink, wear and drive. etc.

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