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There are a lot of Ford GT40 models made by various companies, why are they all different?

24-01-14 The auto union is coming on, not as fast as I had hoped, sometimes you have to spend a day redoing bits, looking at new photos and realising that some bits are totally wrong. Trouble is I have spent two days redoing bits. The first version is the Donnington 1937 GP winner so I am trying to get this as near to this car as I can. Three more versions will follow after that. The decals are at the printers and will take about a month so lots of new stuff will be on the sheet towards the end of February. All three 1954 D Types, 4 Auto Unions, 3 new decals for the Mk. 1 Jag and the Lotus Cortina, I will also have the decals for the 1954 Ferrari 375, Merc W125 and the Alfa 12C 1936,37. I have had a couple of interesting conversations about doing models using computers. Now as you know the big companies make models by scanning and rapid prototyping etc. So answer me this, there are a lot of Ford GT40 models made by various companies, why are they all different? The two cheetahs available are very different, they shouldnt be but they have different heights, widths, lengths and wheel bases. If the model is of the same car how can there be so much room for error? Another chat I had was about my modified Revel cars and what was the point in doing them when you can just buy the ready to run car elsewhere. My body shells are made for people to race, as well as look good. They are lighter and lower than the originals. The corvette in particular fits in well with the other SPGT cars. And Im glad to hear that a few of my cars have won some competitions around the world. I am doing a few more wheel inserts at the moment, a couple suitable for the Shelby King Cobra, and still messing around with the tyres. Also got a couple of new lady drivers for the K3s more news about that next week.

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