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17-01-15 The news is a bit late this week due to me having a stinking cold. I actually had to have two days off. Our motto in these situations, in the workshop is that you can only have time off if you cannot get out of bed, as of feeling extremely unwell. I dont go for this man flu lark. Every bloke I know will get to work even if his leg was hanging off. "Oh I have a slight tickle in my nose, I better not go in today" NO. It is funny how self employed people seem to have a lot less time off work. Oh yeah, if we dont work we starve. Strangely enough we dont seem to suffer as many back problems or stress either. Man flu is an expression invented by women for when a man is moaning a little about going into work when he is half dead. A mate of mine once took six weeks off of work with stress (works for a bank), he still made it out to the pub though. Am I missing something here? I guess it is all down to your peer group a lot of times. Apart from one bloke all of us think the same. I actually missed going to the pub this week because I felt like death and was in bed at 7pm. This worried them as it had not happened in years, mind you they did phone me up at 9 to discuss something about Bevan Imps. My good lady said, "Did they ask how you are?" "No", I said, "the fact I was missing from the pub was the clue to my well being." So as things are I have not had a drink in over a week which is my contribution to Dry January. Whose stupid idea was it to have something like Dry January in the first place. It is the coldest, darkest, most miserable, depressing month of the year. And some total idiot thinks it is a good idea to give up drinking. Some people do it for charity but then why not just give the money to charity and carry on drinking. Others do it because it is healthy and they want to detox after Christmas. What a load of bollucks. No one needs to detox after eating too much Christmas pud or having the odd extra sherry or ten. Ok if you eat sprouts you need your head examined, blegh, but that is more of a mental issue. As mentioned last week, I had gained a little Christmas weight but strange as it may seem my weight has already started to drop back. Its magic, oh wait no I just cut back on the fatty sugary things. Oh right toy cars. Well we now have resin 250Fs and 801s and by Monday the Chap Daytona will be moulded. Next week I will have lots of moulds to redo. I will be remaking the ERA plus a couple of others. Also will start sorting some artwork out for our latest cars.

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