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The Mclaren M1A 1964 Nassau car

07-06-15 The last of my handling body series is finished and looks pretty good. It is the Mclaren M1A 1964 Nassau car. The other M1A is to be dropped once the current stock runs out. However, I think this one is a good alternative. It uses the Slot It sidewinder pod (not supplied) in one of my resin chassis and they do work pretty well together. The Allard will be out of the mould on Monday so we will have some castings on the news next week. I wasnt sure about the Allard but I must admit I have warmed to it. I think it will look very pretty when it is all decorated up. Ugly cars in real life usually make for a more interesting model. Lets face it, this one is a god ugly car. This model uses my new inline chassis design which again works very well. Now I know I said I needed to get on with some new prototypes and I said I was going to make an XK120, and the Bentley and the Lago need to be finished. But I have started on something completely new and it will look brilliant. A few days ago I had not even thought of it, but I saw a photo and knew I had to make it. Its already blocked out but I wont be putting any pics until there is more to see. I think as a slot car it will be perfect. Sometimes a model will ang around for ages, a couple of years in some cases, but this one I really want to get on with, even though I will have to get new artwork done. Unfortunately the next few days will be spent making moulds. The Bizz mould is worn out already so will be remade. I think this car will come to an end soon as we are limited by the amount of decals that were printed. Once these are used up that is it. I could modify it into the 65 Le Mans car as I do have the decals for it, but we will see (Oh great I will have to sand off all the rivets). The XK120 is still on but just put back abit. I still need to make a drawing, whereas on my new project I am up and running already. I know I have said this before but when you block out a model you seem to have no idea what you are doing. You file a bit off here and a bit off there then all of a sudden you get the lovely eureka moment and it is there. Its looking good and in your mind you can see the finished model whizzing around the track. Just a thought, the Lola T70 has obviously been done, but the Revell one fits perfectly on my M6A chassis so I might modify and cast it. Its already wide enough as it is, so it might be worth looking at. That Revell Chap 2C could do with a bit of work as well hmm.

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