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The Maserati 250F is taking shape nicely

28-11-14 The Maserati 250F is taking shape nicely, but still a lot to do. This will be the 1957 Monaco winning car of Fangios which has a slightly shorter nose than the German GP car, which will be the other model I will produce. Also there are a lot more louvres on the German car. I know that Cartrix have made a 250F along with a 196 Merc, Lago, Alfa 158 and are going to produce a Lancia D50. These are all RTR models and not bad for that but they could do better on the scale side. You do get a tin box and towel! They are very handy if you cannot or do not have the time to build models so everything does have its place. You do get a plastic bag or two free with my kits for you to use for putting things in. I am generous after all. Packaging always surprises me. When I worked for Matchbox in the 70s a lot of the packaging would cost more than the toy inside. I loved the 70s, great time, austerity, fuel crisis, 3 day weeks, always poor... Nah all rubbish. It was great, you could afford a house, a new car every two years you cant do that now. Went to nightclubs 3-4 times a week (I got drunk alot more often then than I do now). And the three day week was brill. At matchbox we worked three 12 hour days got paid for 40 hours and got two days dole money. I used to go down to the Dole office in a brand new black three litre S Capri. Well I do live in Essex after all. It was a fantastic time. When I didnt have a hangover I learnt my craft as a model maker. I was one of many at matchbox and certainly not the best but I did have an eye for getting shapes right. Part of my job was colour. I was responsible for a lot of the recolouring of ranges, including Yester Year models, which is probably why I get the hump with people saying cars are the wrong shade. I have spent a lot of time involved with painting models. Incidentally my Maserati 250F will be red, Mazda red from Halfords. As I am one photo short this week, here is a photo of a cat. Also as it is black Friday we have absolutely NOTHING reduced! However if you are so inclined feel free to paint your model black, or your door.

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