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The little Gordini T14 is done

28-01-16 The little Gordini T14 is done, this version is Biras 1952 British GP car and hopefully in the near future another version which will be a modified casting of the car in its late form with higher sides. I guess this was done to stop the driver from falling out. It is an odd looking little car but in its way quite sweet. So now on with the Cooper Bristol. Again two versions and as I am a nob and didnt do enough research I will have to make two different castings. If only I was clever I could save myself a lot of time and effort. Cant see things changing at my age. There are a lot of positives to getting old, hang on forgot what I was talking about. Oh yes, getting dinner, no wait getting old. In our shared workshop I am 20 years older than anyone. If you train the youngens you can get away with stuff and all they will do is tut and huff and call you a dozy old twat (sometimes were not as polite). But I must admit my worst habit in the workshop is to start a sentence and get bored halfway through and it ends with a strange mumbling sound. "Im sure I put the hffnerrnmm..." This is usually followed by a chorus of "Give us a fucking clue!" Other common phrases are "put the bloody lid down on the vac tank" or "put the stirring sick on its stand, not on the paper grrr" and "put the paints away... No the right way up!" One of my favourites is to say "anyone got a spare knife blade?" and with any luck someone will pass me one, even when I know there are probably loads lying around my bench. It is such a shit heap that I have no idea where they are, it just saves time. The most common one for me though is to get up from my seat, walk to the other side of the workshop and by the time and by the time I get there I have no idea why I am there. So I walk back and it will suddenly come back to me. The best one recently was me and a mate walked out of the workshop to the track and neither of us had a clue why we were there. I had to shout back to Joe to ask why we went out. I think he called us names, then sighed in despair. I had to explain to a young person the other day why this happens. I said "Look at 18... hffnrrmmo... Where am I? Oh yeah at 18 years you only have 18 years of stuff in your brain. Not even that really, the first 5 years dont really count so only 13 years of stuff. Most of that is school which you have forgotten anyway. So your brain is still fairly empty and most of its energy is used trying to pull girls, getting drunk, pressing buttons on your phone, playing computer games or working out which is the best hatch back car. Now by the time you get old your brain is crammed to exploding point with a lifetime of what mostly, but not always, unimportant drivel. It is so full in fact stuff starts to fall out and it is usually names that go first.. "Oi you, young person, whats yer name?"... "Joe, you know, your Son?" "Oh yes I thought I knew you." I can meet up with someone I have known for years, completely forgotten his or her name. My brain s unfortunately of limited capacity. I know this because when I make a new model car I do a good bit of research and get to know a good bit about that car. As soon as I make a newer model that knowledge gets pushed in with all the other stuff. Ask me about a car I made 5 years ago and I wont remember a thing. Fortunately I am very good at bullshitting. Being from Essex I can usually blag my way through a conversation on an old model. Confidence and the other person wont question you wonderful anecdote because you must know what you are talking about. Enough of this, back to slot cars. You might know that I get bored a sidetracked very easily so I have started blocking out some new models. I like to get about ten models underway for the future. As I mentioned last week all the good cars have been done but as long as those models were done a couple of years ago no one can complain. They have got the major sales, I can only hope to make mine a little more slot car ish. And more to my way of making a model. I want to make a couple of 50s Aston Martins as I dont have any in my range. So if anyone is bringing out a specific model this year let me know and I will think about which one I want to make. No point in a couple of resin manufacturers bringing out the same model at the same time, as has happened in the past. Cant be fairer than that. The two I want to do have been done before though so I should be Ok. As you can see from the photos the next two models are nearly done. I will spend nearly two days putting the louvres on the Cooper Bristol, but it will look pretty good when it is done.

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