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The Jag XK120 is nearly done

09-03-16 The Jag XK120 is nearly done. Hopefully the first version will be in the mould next week. There will be two versions without rear wheel spats and one with the spats but not quite sure on the final variants as yet. I have made a wheel insert for the Cooper Bristol, it is made to fit the PCS32166 wheel and is 12mm in diameter, for the price of £3.50 for four. I will be having a go at the Halibrand for the Corvette next week, bit tricky this one but it needs to be done. So what is next? Well our modified E-type is coming but I think I will get on with the 1956 BRM. The GP cars do not take as long to make as the sports cars and it will be nice to have another British Green car in the range being the patriotic Brit, what I am. It is a shame though to see how so called patriotism is used to exploit a nation. Yes I am talking about the Trump effect. Like most people outside the USA and hopefully a lot of people within, I am amazed, bemused and somewhat worried that such a stupid, homophobic, sexist, racist, ignorant........ Can be on the brink of such power. Am I missing something when this obnoxious man says he wants to make America great again. Hang on has he not noticed America is great. It is still the biggest economy, biggest superpower on Earth. Some US companies, Google, Apple, Microsoft etc. are wealthier than most countries on Earth. US innovation has and still is changing the world, mostly for the better. So if I was an American citizen I would be disgusted by this freak trying to convince me he can make America great again. It still is great. It is a wonderful country, cool cars (especially mustangs), cool music (blues, country, rock) and dead good sci fi (Star Wars, Star Trek etc.) I could go on but I should be talking about slot cars, on that note if any of my American customers are Trump supporters I am sure he is wonderful. In the last news I mentioned why I keep my models to a modest price of around £35. A couple of customers have suggested doing a couple of limited edition kits with more bits, say a limited run of 50 to 100 and charge a bit more. Umm I would be happy to sell 50 let alone 100 of any one my kits. I am lucky if I sell 50, in fact some models like the King Cobra I doubt will ever reach 50. It is surprising how few slotracers there are world wide who can build there own models and not many of my kits have got to the 100 mark.

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