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The Gordini is an odd looking car but I like it

16-12-15 We have the Gordini on its wheels. It is an odd looking car but I like it. I wont be taking it any further now until after the New Year as I want to get on with the Cooper Bristol. As you can see from the photo it is taking shape nicely. Now this is a very ugly car but ugly cars make great little models. I will have to make a new driver figure for this one as the driver seems to sit on top of it as opposed to in it. We will also be getting the 1956 BRM on its wheels, hopefully before Christmas but as we know Christmas does mean the odd drink or ten. And with my birthday and a couple of my closest friends birthdays it all gets a bit messy. One of them will be 65 so we are all going out for lunch, very civilised you may think, no not exactly. We will be going to a swanky hotel on the Southend sea front, dont laugh there are a couple of posh places in Saffend. Anyway by about 7 in the evening we will be a bit, well, slaughtered and in need of a curry and probably another beer. Needless to say not a lot will happen the following day. Mind you Lynda will probably want to go shopping. She is very clever, she knows if I go shopping with her when i have a hangover we buy more. It is a case of yes just buy it so we can get out of the shop. I feel like shit. Urgghhh. Consequently we now have 5 Christmas trees and still have over a week until Christmas so this will be the last news until the New Year. I think we have produced some pretty good kits this year with some interesting subjects and as you can see we have a few new models already in the pipeline for the New Year. So thank you to everyone who has bought stuff and said nice things about our models. We wish everyone a good Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year. Note: From today we will start postponing orders until we return in the New Year. If you already have an order with us and payment has been received dont worry we are up to date. So we will be sending it out at the end of this week if we have not already.

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