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The Ferrari 375+ will be back in production in the next couple of weeks

12-10-15 Hooray, I have actually finished a new prototype. Yes the Embiricos Bentley is finished and as you can see from the photo it looks pretty damn good (well I think it does). By the time you read this it will be in the mould and by the next news I will have one all finished and decorated. This model, as is normal with my models, comes with a bespoke resin chassis, which accommodates a new inline motor pod. There will be a pic of the complete kit in the next news. The Corvette is also taking shape nicely and with any luck could be finished in a couple of weeks. I really like this car, it is a proper big yank-mobile. It will make a very competitive slot car. We also have the photoetching for the Talbot, so there is probably only another three days work to complete that one. The Chap 2 is now completed and ready to go on, it will be on the car page in the next few days. The model is made to use a Slot It sidewinder pod (not included). I have tried it on the track and it works pretty well. So as you can see I have not been sitting on my arse doing f all. The Ferrari 375+ will be back in production in the next couple of weeks as will the Ferrari 246. The 1964 LM Bizzarrini and the LM Allard both have had their decals restock so are now back in production. As we have four new cars going into production some more cars are going to be deleted. Cant say which ones yet, but must keep things under control. So what is the next prototype? Well I think it will be the Gordini T16 GP car. Have to get some more blue cars in the range which I hope will keep my french customers happy. Also the Gordini is a quirky little car and should make a pretty little model. I have also got a hold of a Monogram (MRRC) Cooper Monaco, which I have widened a bit. Just another little project to distract me. Must get on, no time to rant this week. Did go for a drink with some old mates a couple of nights ago, we decided to have a piss off. Seeing who can not go to the loo the longest. All of us being in our 60s, this did cause some discomfort by the end of the evening. You have to grow old but you dont have to grow up.

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