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The Embiricos Bentley

10-07-15 I have been very good this week and concentrated on the Embiricos Bentley and it is taking shape nicely. When you get to this stage of a model there is a good chance I will carry on and finish it. The only slight hold up will be getting the photo etch louvres done. But while waiting for that I can get on with another model. I have definitely decided on doing the 1949 LM Frazer Nash, so I will be blocking it out very soon. This car came third at Le Man and also was the first British car to win the Miglia Mille (I think). It will make a very pretty little model and make a nice running mate for the Allard. Mind you that Corvette is looking tempting. But I hope by next week the Bentley will be on its wheels and those new 19 inch wire wheels from pendle will fit nicely. As a bit of a distraction this week I am making a new track. It is a small, portable, single lane rally track built on insulation foam boards with a hard board surface. It seems to be coming on well, this way of building a track is simple and very easy so gar. It has four panels but I will be able to add more later. I will keep you updated as it progresses and take a few pics. At least if I am down the track and no one turns up, which seems to happen regularly, I can use the small track. I will have to rethink the future of the track as it is not worth trying to keep a club running if no one turns up. Even if only a couple of people turn up I still have to be there, it is proving quite depressing. It is a lovely track but I think it will be going, I am working full time and do not feel able to run a club, to rush home from work on a Thursday to have dinner and then rush back again. Then uncover the track put the power on, then put the covers back on later. Its a bit soul destroying and I just havnt got the time. I need to concentrate on my business which is making model cars and not wasting time on a project which has cost more money than I can afford. Anyway thats enough moaning for now. Anyone want to buy a track?

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