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The Corvette has proved to be a very popular model

05-12-15 The Corvette has proved to be a very popular model. Im not surprised really, it is a very good looking car. The thing I am surprised by is that no one has done it before. So what with the new Talbot and Bentley it is a bit busy here which we are behind with orders. Joe is having to work extra hard to fulfill the orders we have at the moment. If you would like to place an order with us before Christmas please be aware of when the Royal Mails recommended last posting dates are (found at their website here: ). Our last post will be going out on Friday the 18th, so be sure to give us enough time to get the order sorted. After that you may not get your lovely model car kit until after Christmas. If you are waiting for an order to turn up please be patient, there is only me and Joe here to do it all. The trouble is I have gone into Christmas mode a bit early. When it comes to Christmas it is not that I drink or eat any more than I do all year, that would be stupid. I get drunk on a regular basis all year round so when it comes to Christmas I am practiced enough to not make a fool of myself (I will not throw up in public, start a fight with my best mate, fall asleep in the gutter in a pool of wee etc.) Mind you 40 years ago this would have been normal behavior (happy days). I do like to relax a little Christmas, I cant understand why people get all stressed out. We all buy enough food and drink to feed an army for a month. All because the shops close for a whole day. We are no different, I was still eating Christmas twiglets in May. I wont be buying twiglets this year, I dont even like them. We do tend to buy certain things only at Christmas which makes them special. I love mince pies but for some reason I only eat them this time of year. Turkey is lovely but I buy one a year. We do not buy brussel sprouts. Christmas pud is wonderful. At home I do the cooking so at Christmas I am in my element I find it relaxing and best of all fun. As far as decorations are concerned that is Lyndas department. She loves them but she is not allowed to start until December the first. Then she goes nuts. I think we have four trees (so far) and enough lights, but there are never enough lights in her world. Oh yes back to Slot cars, I am messing about with a couple of of additional side projects just for a bit of fun. I am going to make a convertible Corvette road car. I usually avoid road cars but this one just has to be done. There will be another version of the Bentley without rear wheel spats and I quite like the idea of turning that Ninco E-type Jag into a decent slot car. I have also started on the Gordini T16. These are all for the next year but it is nice to get a couple of prototypes underway.

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