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The Bizzarini is in grey primer at last

04-04-15 The Bizzarini is in grey primer at last. What would we do without Halfords. Actually that is a point, in the UK we use Halfords Grey primer a lot but I would be very interested to hear what primers and paints are used in other countries, considering about 70% of our kits go overseas. Please let me know and we can put some notes up on the hints and tips page. Dont forget any useful building advice is always welcome. Anyway back to the Bizz, as already mentioned this particular car was an early model so it is very rivety and that is the next job. Not a lot of fun but very satisfying when it is finally done. Also need to complete the interior, nowadays I only make vacform interiors for two reasons. Firstly they are light (these are slot cars after all) and secondly they are a lot faster to make and, in my view, look fine. After the body is moulded I will then make the window mould for the vac former. After that, as the decals are already done, it will go into production. Hopefully we will sell a few. So what is next, well as you know I do tend to change my mind from one week to the next. But as you might have noticed in my bench photo, the widened M6A is coming along nicely as is the little Porsche 356. These however are not new prototypes, just modified plastic models. But are, in my view, (see what I did there) better slot cars than the originals. Although it is not difficult to improve them as they were pretty rubbish for racing to begin with. So why do I have so many rubbish, old slotcars lying around. Well when I started to get back into the hobby I bought quite a few and I was surprised at how badly they performed. Most were bloody awful. If you mess around with them for long enough however you can get them to work well. I do need to get on with a proper prototype, though we shall see. I will be either the Talbot or the Bentley, but the Allard is on its wheels. And I have just blocked out something new. I just cant help myself. Obviously I am not going to mention Top Gear this week. But you have to admit the rumor of Guy Martin as the replacement for Nasty Assault Man is a damn good one. He would be a great replacement. Great personality and he knows how to get his hands dirty and actually knows how a car works. The others would be too worried about breaking a finger nail, so they can go as well I reckon. n Jenson Button would be another good addition, lets face it by the end of the year he will not want to be at Mclaren. A pedal car would likely be quicker. So he might be on the job hunt. And how about Jodie Kidd, a very fast lady and very clever. Richard Macks website is up at the following address: not a lot on it at the moment but annoy him by phoning or emailing him with your chassis orders. I still have a few left but not many. Just one more thing, car insurance is supposedly going up this year by 20%. Im sorry but I dont want an admiral bulldog toy or a robot bloody brian or a bloody meercat toy. These toys are not free you are still paying for them and thats what makes your insurance go up. Who plays with toys anyway? Ehem...

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