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The Bentley is taking shape slowly

04-08-15 My little rally track is taking shape nicely. I think this method of making a light mobile track is going to work pretty well. Putting the copper tape on is a bit of a sod so any tips would be appreciated. There is still lots to do but I will keep you informed on the progress. As you can see the Bentley is taking shape slowly. When you get to this stage it all slows up a bit, you look at it and think that bits wrong and that needs changing, then two days later you are back where you started but much happier with the shape. All the little bits like door handles, bonnet catches, windscreen wipers all take time. The chassis is done however and the prototype has been run on the track and looks superb. Now as I have mentioned more than once I am not a lover of any form of social media but we (Joe) do put stuff on Fleecebook (you are probably reading this on it now). Now and again when I have absolutely nothing better to do and I do mean absolutely nothing, I will spend a couple of minutes looking at it. Its then that I get annoyed at the inane, racist, homophobic, illinformed drivel most of it is. Now and again what is a relatively small issue in the strata of life grabs our attention. Yes Cecil the Lion and that shit of a dentist has got a lot of us riled up. This is a good thing. Shooting any animal for sport is just sick, whether it be a lion or a fox (dont get me started). I am not a vegy, as Homer Simpson once said "If God didnt want us to eat animals he wouldnt have made them out of meat." But to shoot a beautiful wild animal for your own self gratification, you must be a sick bastard. Anyway that is enough serious stuff back to social media. Why oh why does anyone feel the need to put there holiday pictures up. This is me on a beach drinking a funny cocktail, this is us at a funfair with the cuddly toy what we won. Think of it this way, if I go round someones house (yes there are still one or two people willing) and they say oh would you like to see our holiday photos. I will want to hang myself, nothing is more boring. I am not the only person who thinks this, so please dont subject people on facebook to this drivel. Facebook and social media in general is a wonderful thing but please, we should all use it responsibly. Think before you put stuff on... Heres a picture of my dog, isnt he lovely. Back to toy cars, after all thats what I a supposed to be wittering on about. I do realise that the Bentley, XK120 and Frazer Nash have been done before, but that is no reason for me to not make them and do them better (hopefully). Also I make models that I want to make. I am not a business man wanting to make lots of money. I want to make really good slot cars that dont cost a fortune and work bloody well. I will put my models up against anyones and I think mine dont come out too bad. The Bentley will be no exception. And the Frazer Nash? You can bet it will be a well thought out Slot Car and all come with a chassis. Though I still make lots of mistakes (not as many as scalex though). Heres a pic of some new PU tyres we are working on these, so more soon. Also the phones are now working.

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