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The Alfa

14-02-14 I have been busy this week remaking moulds and getting a bit of stock ready for Milton Keynes on Sunday, but I have got a good bit of prototyping done. The Alfa is well underway as can be seen from the pic, this will be my main project for the next couple of weeks. The good thing is it wont be held up by decals. The new sheets should arrive today (14th Feb). I have three versions of the Auto Union ready to go. Two different castings and three driver poses, these will be available next week, so more news on them very soon. Richard Mack has made up some new chassis for the Corvette, E type and Lotus Cortina. I will get them on the accessory page with dimensions next week. The Corvette chassis also fits perfectly under the Mclaren M1A which is in the process of being modified and updated and will be back in production in the next couple of weeks. Got a lot of cars to decorate in the next few days. It is not a job I enjoy, love making prototypes but painting and decorating... nah. Talking of painting and decorating DIY is a complete mystery to me. People say Oh Youre good with your hands but Ive still got no idea idea what to do with a big paint pot or cement or a black and decker whatever. Most of us are good at something, I happen to be good at making little cars but thats it. Just a one trick pony. Saying that I am a pretty good cook. And yes I will be cooking tonight (Valentines Day), Ive got a card, a heart balloon etc. Must get some choccies though. I like choccies. Note From The Editor: Just a reminder that when it comes to emails we tend to check them through properly on a wednesday morning or afternoon. So if you have emailed and weve not replied in under a week chances are we havnt seen it yet.

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