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The 4 heures du Essex went very well

27-03-15 We had our first race meeting last Sunday and I think it was a success. The 4 heures du Essex went very well, lots of racers and a good race, and apart from one small computer glitch, no mishaps. Everyone seemed to like the track so all was well. A big thank you to first our club members for all there help in organising the event and with all the cleaning up we had to do on Saturday and thank you to everyone who came down to Shoebury to race. We will definitely be organising more events and I think the next one will be 60s saloons (british saloon car championship), Sunday May the 2nd is the provisional date at the moment. There will be two classes; big and then small cars. Having three minute heats. Still a lot of sorting out to do and rules to clarify but if it works as well as our 4 hour race I wont complain (for a change). We will also do another four hour race this year, possibly for 50s Le Mans car, who knows. To keep up to date visit the South Essex Slot Club website. One or two people did comment on last weeks news, that there was not much of a rant they said. You cant bloody win can you, I try and be normal and sensible and people moan. You try to get out and they keep dragging you back in. Now I am, by nature, a happy positive person but a lot of people do get up my nose. Believe it or not however, that no one annoyed me all weekend, everyone racing just seemed to have a nice time. Anyway, moving on. Richard Mack, our master chassis builder, is setting up his own website to sell his chassis. This suits both of us . My main aim is to sell body kits and Richard does the chassis. We will put up info on what chassis suit our cars and will put a link up to Richards website as soon as we can. Richard makes quite a range of chassis to suit a lot of cars so it will be of interest to a lot of racers. I have managed to do some work on the Bizz A3C so hopefully I will be riveting it up next week. I am so looking forward to that. But as usual I did get sidetracked, not going to say what car or cars I was messing about with but in a couple of week and some will appear. Getting back to race meetings it would be good to organise a weekend do. A sort of slot car festival of speed where we could race all sorts of cars from all eras. Having one hour slots for 30s GP, 30s LM, 50s GP, 50s Saloon etc. A bit of everything, informal races where people could race car we do not normally see on a big track. My little MGK3 looks great whizzing around our track but it does look very lonely sometimes. It needs some little friends to play with. This event will hopefully be later in the year. Let me know what you think. Now there is no way I was not going to mention Top Gear. And yes I do have a little smile on my face because as you know I utterly despise (despised) Top Gear. I find it funny that nearly a million people signed a petition to have the Nobend reinstated. Get a life, there are a lot more important things to petition about than this violent, nasty and ignorant man. For gods sake he physically and verbally assaulted someone. He is nothing more than a common bully, so if you signed that petition, think. What you are doing is condoning an act of violence that is totally unacceptable. I am under no illusions that this nasty man will not be signed up by Sky or whoever and make many more millions with a new Top Gear. Then all the stupid people will be happy again watching three stupid twats wheel spinning stupid supercars around an airfield and then talking utter drivel in the studio. Perhaps some of the stars will think twice before going on the program and being associated with this man. Perry McCarthey (former stig) was on TV just now talking about it. Hes a complete nob as well. There I hope that is enough ranting for you.

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