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The 1938 Mercedes 154 is nearly finished

07-11-13 The 1938 Mercedes 154 is nearly finished. The main job to sort out are the radiator, grill, dashboard and driver figure plus a couple of body bits. I am using a standard Mabuchi size motor in this model, by popular request. This is no problem but I do have to compromise on driver figure detail, but all considered I dont think it looks too bad. Should get it in the mould next week so hopefully will have the first castings by the end of next week. The decals are ready so should be able to cover four races. Might even take a couple to Orpington. I should be taking delivery of some RM laser cut chassis in a couple of days, so will have them on the next news. I wont know what Im getting until the weekend. I have put another couple of wheel inserts on the accessory page, this time the Mclaren M8B for slot it 15 and 16.5 wheels. The next project to finish is the D type jag. This is the 1954 car that came 2nd at Le Mans. I dont have any plans to do any other version at the moment but should get it done by christmas. On that note if you wish to order stuff for delivery before christmas dont leave it to the last minute, as I do like to have a bit of time off around christmas. And also drink quite a bit, oh wait I do that anyway. Update: Bit of work left to do on the Merc grill as the shapes all wrong.

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