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Still bugger all happening

11-09-15 Still bugger all happening, I think we sold four models this last week. That means not a lot of beer for me this week (sobs quietly). It is probably just as well as I did over do it a little last week. I met up with a couple of old school friends. One I had not seen in nearly 40 years. My friend pointed out that it was 50 years to the day we first met at senior school. It was a great night and it seemed only two of our class were dead. One drank himself to death and the other blew his head off with a shotgun. Oh how we laughed (yes, I know it is tragic but I guess we were always a caring bunch. I think we were more laughing at how on earth we are still here.) Back to toy cars, sorry model cars. The PU tyres are on the accessory page and the modified Chap 2D LM and King Cobra that use the Slot It sidewinder pod are on the car page at last. The 2D and King Cobra have been considerably lightened and very slightly widened over the rear arches in order to accommodate the pod. It is still hardly noticeable. These modified body shells also use the original inline resin chassis, so you now have the choice between sidewinder or inline. My new way of thinking about my Slot Cars is if the car is a front engined car, as in the 50s or 60s sports cars (eg. E-type, Cobra or Bizzarrini) I will make it inline. If it is a Sports GT or Prototype rear engined car I will make it a sidewinder. This is not a rule but more of a guideline that I will try to stick to. It seems to make sense (to me at least). Hopefully the new decals will be here by the end of the month. And if my bloody photoetch turns up I can get lots of new models in production. Well, 4 if we are lucky. The Corvette, Talbot and Bentley will be using an even newer chassis design. Oh when will all this clever stuff end (the Chap 2 is a sidewinder). I have blocked out another new model this week and as the decals will be on the new sheet it should not be held up. Now dont get me wrong here, the reasons for these hold ups are no ones fault but mine and my inefficiencies. I dont think this will ever change but we do our best. The Lancia D24s are coming to an end, still got some in stock but when they are gone that will be it. The Lancia has been in production since we started and is now not worth remaking the moulds for it. So when they are gone that will be it. In the main picture you might notice what was once a Ninco XK120, I think I will make this the basis for my XK120 Coupé. Yes it is a lot wider than it should be, but the real car is very narrow so I would have widened it anyway. The shape is not bad either. Also it will fit on the same chassis as my Corvette, which is very handy. The rally track is coming on as you can see. I reckon another couple of weeks and we will have a car running around it.

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