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Sorry for the lack of news last week, there wasnt any

09-11-15 Sorry for the lack of news last week, there wasnt any. The Corvette is nearly finished, a couple of days and it will be in the mould. Might even have a casting to show at Orpington on Sunday. I still get excited when a new model comes out of the mould. Its like giving birth to a baby, except there is no pain and Im a bloke and I hate babies. In fact not keen on most people under 40, unless of course youre buying my models in which case you are lovely. The Corvette will be the last new model this year but I have been messing around with some of my 50s sports models. The last model was the Talbot, which had the latest chassis and is 52mm wide which is a good width, slightly wider than other 50s cars. This should make it more popular for racing. With this in mind I have done a little bit of modification on the Mas 300S, D-type, Ferrari 375 and Lancia D24 to make them all equally competitive and stop the Talbot having a complete monopoly on the racing. These versions should be out some time in the future. The Ferrari 375+ has been considerably lightened (it took a lot of grinding out, it takes nearly an hour of careful grinding to lose a gram). Fortunately it is as wide as the Talbot and has a longer wheel base. It will be going back in the range in a couple of weeks with a new chassis. The D-type Jag was a bit more tricky. It is wide enough at the front but narrow towards the rear. So I cut from the back to the bonnet line and widened it. This means this version will have the rear width equal the front. Overall however the car is no wider and from most angles looks no different. We also lightened it and gave it a new chassis. The Mas 300S will use the same chassis as the D-type. This one had to be widened completely by 1.5mm but it still looks pretty damn good. The Lancia D24 doesnt need a lot of modification but it will have the same treatment. It will be interesting to see what reaction I will have to this exercise, just dont forget the normal models are still available. As you can see from the Photos this is a work in progress. Give it a couple weeks and they should be finished. I am particularly looking forward to making a D-type competitive. The Allard will also fit in with this little group of cars but might be a bit more difficult to get running competitively, will have a go all the same. It will be nice to see a grid of red, blue and green cars. Now I do realise there will be a few purists who will be unhappy with me messing about with models like this and say we will not allow these models in our club. But as I have said before, they do not question the awful shapes of some of the manufacturers come out with. The Mas 300S and the Jag should be finished this week and on the track and hopefully the next bunch will be done in a couple of weeks. I hope to get the Ferrari 246 back into production before Christmas, it will obviously be reworked and improved but I think that will be it for this year.

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