Right time for another lot of news


Right time for another lot of news. The Mk1 Jag has now been released and can be found in the saloon section. We have put decals in the kit but they are not specific to any race as this version, with wheel spats, was not raced very much. I think it looks great and a surprising amount have been pre ordered already. The Richard Mack chassis are now also ready and can be found on the accesory page.

I have now moulded the cobra and cheetah to go on the new RM chassis. They are wide, low and from all accounts, go very well. These models are made from the off to race as slot cars. Lighter, lower and less parts but still looking superb. I am tending to think this way more and more. There has to be a compromise between a scale replica and a good slot car with some models. We are not going silly but a little tweaking does not hurt.

As we remake the moulds for cars I will make the moulds lighter, as with a couple of the 300S, and sometimes a little lower. Doing this they tend to look and go much better. After all if you want an accurate scale model with lots of bits which can break off, buy a diecast and stick it on a shelf. We make these so they can be enjoyed. Also some cars have a choice of chassis, a new redesigned resin chassis or the RM chassis.

The cougar is just about to be remoulded so it can take an RM chassis. As with the other RM chassis ready cars I am hoping this will really improve it handling on the track and much it very competitive. The falcon is also going to be remoulded with a new slightly lower resin chassis while also fitting and RM chassis (it will use the same chassis as the Cougar).

The photo is of the cobra, cheetah and galaxie all on RM chassis plus, of course, the Jag.

More Jag pics can be found on the gallery.

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