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Progress has been made on the Iso AC3

20-02-15 As you can see progress has been made on the Iso AC3. One thing I am not looking forward to on this car, as it was an early model, is the fact it is covered in rivets. So that will see me sitting there for at least a day gluing each and every rivet into place by hand. There is no quick way of doing it. The general shape is there now. This car has the flat rear window. The 65 LM car will differ from this one so a new casting will have to be made. All the parts for the heavyweight E-type are done so I will be getting one finished and on the car page next week. I will also be taking it to Milton Keynes on Sunday. As mentioned last week, my modified Carrera Capri RS has been track tested and goes very well. I will give a run down of the new chassis design next week. I do like my Capris. The new decal sheet has arrived so I will get some new sheets on the accessories page in the next few days. The pic doesnt really show up the tyre decals too well but they look pretty damn good. The head light tape decals work very well also, so go buy some. Saturday we will be extending our track. We are adding two 8ft straight sections. So I guess this means faster motors and different gearings might be called for. We will put a pic up next week. This Sunday I will be at Milton Keynes swapmeet and as you most likely know, someone is bound to get up my nose. The only problem is people who know me are doing it on purpose now, cheeky monkeys. At least it gives me something to rant about next week. I was speaking to Sean at Pendle slot this week and got on the subject of wire wheels. I mentioned that what is needed is a 19 inch wire wheel. This would be a very good size to do as it would be suitable for all our 50s and some 30s cars. The good news is it is on the cards so if we keep on at him hopefully he might get it done quicker.

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