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Our lovely tidy workshop

11-04-14 Not the most interesting week so we thought we would show you a couple of pics of our lovely tidy workshop. We are not good at tidy, in fact we usually clean up at Christmas but I think we forgot (or just got bored) last year. I know Ive said this before. But when people say, Oh I bet you know where everything is, you have got to be joking. I have seven scalpel blade holders on my bench (the record is 8) and usually I cant find one. Pin vices, the same problem. I usually have half a dozen projects on the go at once. I know it is better to start one car at a time and finish it buts thats a bit normal and I do get stuff finished now and again. And it is a surprise what will be finished next because most of the time I havnt a clue. For the next few days I will carry on remaking stuff. The Imps have been reworked and has a new chassis. Its a little lighter and a bit lower. The ferrari C2 will finish soon as I am running of decals and photo etching and the moulds are wearing out. It will not be viable to remake it due to expense. Mind you it has done well. The Falcon mould is to be remade as well. It is interesting that in the latest issue of slot magazine, in a survey the third most wanted model was a Ford Falcon. Well I must of read the readers minds because miracle of miracles, weve been making them for the last four years. Oh well maybe some one will look at my website. I have been working on the Bentley but as you can see from the photo it wasnt going too well. But all better now. Hopefully have some RM chassis and PST wheel kits in a couple of days. The mini 24 project is taking shape nicely. The bodies are moulding out well now and we will be getting the RM chassis sorted soon. **Update: We have some PSTW wheels in stock now, after the back orders are sorted I will update the website**

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