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22-11-13 And finally the Merc W154 is finished and the first casting is out of the mould this morning (thursday). So now all we have to do is get down and mould some. I will paint this one up in the next day or so and put it on the SSGP section of the car page with some pics on the gallery. I am very pleased with it and hope you will be too. There are decals for five different races, cant remember which ones but will sort it out by the time its on the website. You will notice in the background is the Lotus Cortina, this is my widened version and the strange thing is hardly any one has noticed it is wider. I took a couple to Orpington the other day and they seemed to have a good reaction. On the subject of Orpington, it was a good show as usual and all the better as it is close to home. Also no one annoyed me, mind you some one who will remain nameless did come over and said that my black and silver mclaren M1A was the wrong colour and should have been dark blue. Despite New Zealand racing colours being black and silver, not dark blue and silver. And if you go to and go to sports cars it is listed as black and silver. Colour as you might have guessed is a subject I have studied both at art college, albeit a while ago, and as a model maker for god knows how many years. And one thing you cannot rely on is old photos, they give a very false impression of colour. Changing the subject a bit I am now working on the D type, it should be done in a couple of weeks. I have already changed out quite a bit, the trouble is there are photos (black and white) of the car at Le Mans and colour photos of the car as it was restored and there are a few distinct differences, especially around the headlights. I will be using the old photos obviously. Can still guarantee the bloody colour will be wrong. Update: If anyone is interested in any of the previously deleted stock I have marked on the No longer in production page if we have any of that particular car in stock.

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