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Not quite finished the Merc W125

01-08-14 Still not quite finished the Merc W125, just got the radiator to do and then it will be done. Didnt feel 100% on Monday due to the Silverstone classis weekend and a little overendulging, as well as it being very hot. My mate retired from his group C race when water started spraying on to the windscreen from the inside everytime he braked. Turned out it was his fizzy water bottle getting squashed. We laughed, however he did not. Sunday obviously ended very sadly due to a tragic accident. We forget that racing cars, especially historic cars are very fragile compared to their modern counterparts. The merc also got held up because we have been getting cars working on the track. I think we are getting a happy medium between scale looks and cars that work. The maserati 300S is working very well with its little bits of lead on the outparts of the chassis. The rear wheels and tyres are as recommended, Pendle Slot 32229 (22x9), glued to the rims and trued on my home made tyre truer. These tyres work surprisingly well. Motor depends on you track but my short maser has a MRRC 25krpm motor. The jag mk 7 also runs very well and uses very skinny tyres, but they seem to work (pendle 32246/t front and rear running on penelope pitlane wheels, PPCL (14mmx6mm)). THe Mk7 Jag does look very impressive on the track. We will take some films of the cars running, just to prove they do work. In case you didnt already believe us. I also tried out the prototype, widened MGC on its weighted resin chassis. It works very well and looked great. It will be going into production soon. It is going to be a great little slot car. We have put pics up on the car page of the D-type and Morgan now as my pics last week didnt come out properly. Next week will be spent making new silicon moulds and hopefully that will include our new Merc(s). I will also try and get a couple more cars running on the track, probably the Mk I Jag and the W196 Merc. Mr Mack has got 40 chassis on the go so should know a bit more next week.

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