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22-05-15 First, apologies again for the lack of news last week. It was due to the preparation for Gaydon. As usual it was a brilliant weekend, well organised and run without any fuss or bother. So thank you to Roger Barker and all the team, great job. The first load of Bizzarini sold out on the Saturday so it seems to be a popular car. I am not surprised as it is great looking. The little Porsche was also popular. We did sell a good variety of other kits as well. Gaydon is also good because I meet lots of customers in person, as usually I only know them via email. Had a long natter to Maurizio (Mr Slot It). It was the first time I had met him and he seemed like a very nice guy, and he certainly knows his stuff. Wouldnt you like to know what we discussed. I actually saw the new Vulcan Escort Mk 1 in the flesh and surprise, surprise its bloody awful. It is even worse than the Mk2 Scalex Escort. On the bright side the Politoy GP cars look pretty damn good. I might even consider buying the Lotus 72. Saturday is, as usual, the busy day. Mostly guys from clubs who know what they want. Sunday is very different, Family day, lots of very bored wives and girlfriends with glazed looks on their faces. Bored shitless and scowling at the thought of all that money spent on toy cars. But as my lady, Lynda, who came with me to the show said "Imagine how you would feel if it was a shoe or hand bag show. You wouldnt last five minutes." I had to reply "Ah but I wouldnt go in the first place." "Oh yes you would, because you know I would spend lots and lots on my own." Mm good point, and believe me Lynda does love shoes and handbags. This week we have put the Bizz, Porker, Sebring Chap 2D and the M6A on the car page. I am very pleased with all of them. The M6A started life as a Revell model but I think we have turned it into a decent slot car. It just looked too skinny as it was and now it looks, in my view, pretty good. Also the Mclaren M8B is back so three nice orange Mclarens in the range and 4 white Chap 2Ds. My son Joe will be leaving the company soon to get a proper job. He is a gamer so he is going into that industry. It is a great thing to work in a job that is of interest to you to begin with. But it does mean that I have decided to reorganise things, what this means is I will be cutting the range down a bit. At the moment there are just under 100 models, including the different variations, in the range. This is miles too many so I have decided to cut it back to about 50. This means a lot of models will be going. They will not be gone for good but as moulds wear out they will only be replaced if it is worth while. And in the future they might come back. But as I say, only if it is viable. I have decided what is going and we still have stock of most models but I will have to get things more manageable and under control. But variations will definitely be culled. The idea is that models that have been in the range for a long time like the Maserati 300S and the Lancia D24 will be cut to one variation each. The Alfa 158 will go down to one and the Lago will probably go due to Cartrix producing one. Gaydon was a good pointer to what is selling and what is not. Also as new models come out an older one will go, keeping the total to around 50. I will be getting on with the Allard this week. I took the unfinished prototype to Gaydon and it proved very popular. As did the idea of making the Jag XK120 Coupé. So hopefully the Allard will be finished very soon. We have also made new wheel inserts for the Bizzarini and the Porsche 356 As a bit of a break this week I cut my M1A in half and made it a bit wider, well 4mm wider actually. The result; it looks great and will now take a Slot It sidewinder chassis pod. So now you have the choice of narrow or slightly modified. But next week on with the Allard, honest.

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