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28-06-11 At Gaydon we had the first few production castings of our new models, which were very popular. These are not in production in production yet but are very close. The ERA looks very pretty and I think has turned out very well. The chassis is a rather complicated moulding but works. It has lots of suspension detail and fiddly bits. I cant make up my mind wether to make some bits in resin or white metal, both cause problems. Talbot Lago; The Talbot lago is very pleasing. No problems with this one at all, goes together fine. Not an easy car to model, lots of louvres which are all stuck on individually, but a great shaped car with lots of character. Austin Twin-Cam; The Austin twin-cam is by far the trickiest model I have yet made, but we got there in the end. Very little room underneath but the motor just fits. Lots of fiddly bits but it looks very cute when finished. Ford Anglia; We have two versions going into production. The broadspeed Anglia is the most iconic racing version of the 60s. Decors allow the John Fitzpatric and Anita Taylor cars to be made. Then we have our very low racing Anglia with widened wheel arches. This goes very well with the racing A35 and racing Imp. Which has been remodeled and remoulded, looks abit meaner. N.B. The XJS is nearly complete.

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