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My reworked Ninco E-type Jaguar is almost done

08-05-16 Another completely new model, the 1956 British GP BRM T25 driven by Mike Hawthorn is finished. Which is more than it did in the race ho hum. But I think it is a very pretty little car, and its green. My reworked Ninco E-type Jaguar is almost done (must stop making Jaguars) and looks bloody great even if I do say so myself. It looks good even without racing numbers and will be available for the Gaydon Slot Car Festival, which as you may know is only one week away. I am also working on the Cunningham C4RK. I have also done another version of my Jaguar XK120, this will be the 1950 Le Mans car and will do all three cars. Trouble is I have not got any decals for it so it will be available as a generic rally or race car. It has an optional co driver and aero screen. When we get some new decals done we will have the LM decals ready to go. On the subject of decals I think I found a new supplier and initial samples seem to be very flexible and pretty good all round. So fingers crossed we will have solved a big problem. I will be getting some artwork underway soon so should be able to replace some of the old decals that just break up. I am remoulding the Embiricos Bentley this week as the first mould is knackered. This first Bentley had the wheel spats and the new one has the spats removed. Which from now on there will be no more spatted Bentleys. So if you have one it will be a rare model (almost as rare as the Mk. I with spats). We will have pics of the new version next week. I think this will be all I can get done before Gaydon. For those of you living outside the UK the Gaydon Slot Car Festival will not mean much but it is a great event for us slot racing Brits and also some of our European friends. And yes I want to remain part of Europe, if you think otherwise you are wrong. Borris, Gove, Farage and Trump all say to leave (four complete nutters). While Stephen Hawking, Obama, and the leaders of all main political parties and virtually every financial organisation and think tank on the planet say leaving would be stupid. I only have to look at my friends, the clever ones want to stay and the stupid ones want to leave. Unity is strength. As a working class bloke workers and human rights have improved greatly being in the EU. The EU even paid for a wonderful cycle path which runs the complete length of Southend seafront. I only mention this as bloody cyclists in there stupid skin tight lycra dont use the bloody cycle path. They cycle in the road next to the cycle path. So instead of cycling in a safe, purpose built area they get in the way of a 40 ton artic that is unable to get passed. So the traffic queues up a mile long. I suppose it must safer or are they just plain inconsiderate and stupid. So to all the Brexits, the cycle way may have been a waste of money but nothings perfect. Oh by the way I am not opening up a debate on the EU referendum, just thought I needed a rant. So Ner.

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