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My Maserati 250F is finished, hooray

05-12-14 My Maserati 250F is finished, hooray. I will be putting it in the mould next week but as I have not got any decals printed yet it wont be released until the new year. Not what you would call good planning, but making a resin kit of a car that has been made by two major manufacturers is already a bit stupid (even if one of them is completely awful). Now I will finish the Daytona 2D and that will be it for this year. Apart from remaking a lot of rubber moulds again. I might also try and get the heavyweight E-type done as it seems to be a popular idea. As we are all aware Christmas is quite close and believe it or not we cannot match Amazon for speed and efficiency. We do not have massive warehouses and thousands of stuff. We have a grubby workshop with two scruffy blokes in it. I do like shopping on Amazon as I hate going shopping in real life. In fact my good lady absolutely hates going shopping with me as I usually start moaning and grisling after about ten minutes and want to go to the pub. Mind you shopping on Amazon after getting in from the pub is a bad idea. That chocolate penis that seemed like such a funny present is slightly awkward when the post arrives and you have completely forgotten about it. I should have bought chocolate pirates instead. Thinking ahead over the next couple of week I will have to work out what models to discontinue and what I will remould and modify, which is not an easy task. But up until Christmas that will be it. We will, if possible, lighten and improve models. The Jag Mk. 7 is already being worked on but more news on that in the new year. The group 44 Jag has had a bit of work done, this is my one on a RM laser cut chassis, it goes very well. I think this is a very good looking slot car. Jaguars are cats after all, and I like cats. If you still intend to order stuff for Christmas please do it soon. I wont be doing much on the last couple of days before Christmas and not much will happen until the first week of January. My last posting date will be on the 19th, please be aware that the international recommended posting dates for Christmas are much earlier. Next Thursday is my birthday and we will be having a very large celebration (yeah right) and as I write the news on a Thursday it might be a bit late... and complete gibberish.

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