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First off I appologise for not putting any news or photos of any of the new models up over the past few months. I have been very busy making new models and there are alot of them to be released in the new year. I will be having a break over Christmas to give me the oppertunity to finish off and photograph the new models. This will include the 1956 Monte Carlo Mk. VII Jag, MG K3 (two versions will be available; one with mudguards and one without), 1956 monte carlo Ford Falcon.

There are also a lot of modifications to various cars to be released.These include an even lower and widened A35, a widened anglia (wanglia), widened morgan and also a variety of cars that now use the Penelope Pitlane chassis (not included). A couple of shells have been lightened by as much as 50%.

A Couple of brand new models that are nearly done are the 1968 Bob Estes Mercury Cougar and the 1982 Ferrari 126 C2. I will put some photos up in the new year.

I will also be culling alot of models out of the range as they dont sell that well. I havent made up my mind on all that are going yet.

Hope everyone has a good Christmas and new year and thank you to all my customers and friends for being so patient with me.


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