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15-04-16 One of the most colourful and recognisable liveries on racing and rally cars over the past 40 years has been the Martini colours. It seems to work on whatever car it is used on. Lancia being the main bearer over the years but who the hell drinks this stuff, its bloody horrible. I do not know one person who drinks it. Now it is probably more of a girly drink but again I cant remember every buying a Martini. Perhaps this says more about me and the sort of pubs I drink in. I can imagine someone ordering a "Martini and soda please", to which the pub would go silent and the air grow cold. The barman asks "A what?", "A Martini and soda please" they repeat. Every pub has a bottle of Martini on the shelf behind the bar. You may not be able to recognise it as it is covered with dust and cobwebs. Meanwhile everyone is transfixed. No one and I mean no one has dared go near that bottle this century. "Are you sure sir?" The barman inquires "the last person who drank Martini in this pub died in 1998. The customer nods. The bottle is unstuck from the shelf and carefully dusted down and poured out for the lucky lady. Then a couple of the pub blokies say they will give it a go, brave men indeed. They taste it and and "Ugh f**king disgusting" or words to that effect anyway. Probably left out a bit of the profanity. The lady however is happy, but never seen again and the bottle is put back on the shelf for archaeologists to find in the distant future. For now though this night will be remembered. The Jag XK120 Coupé with rear wheel spats is finished and looks a lot better than I thought it would. In fact I am very pleased with it, these Jags definitely had an elegance about them. I have painted up on of my Corvettes in Cunningham colours and I think it looks very nice. Not a totally exact replica but still pretty good. I have also, at long last, finished the Halibrand wheel insert, so that will be going on the products page soon. This first insert is 12.5mm dia and will fit a Slot It 16.5x8 wheel. I will make a couple more different sizes. So now if you have a LM Corvette you can put the correct wheels on it. Another little job done. The rest of the week will be spent putting a few rivets on the BRM then that will be finished and hopefully moulded next week. Next on the list of things to do is the modified E-type so that will need finishing off. We have a month now until the Gaydon slot car festival and it would be good to finish off another model. It might be the Alfa T33, I have had a lot of interest in it but it could be a Cunningham or a Lotus or AHHHHHH!

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