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19-12-14 This will probably be the last news of 2014 as next week it is Christmas. But I guess you probably knew that and I am already thinking ahead to next years models and products. I will definitely have a go at my wire wheels, there is still a bit to sort out but as long as I can get a good price on the turning it is a goer. As far as new models go, well I will finish the Bentley, Talbot and Bizzarina. The Bizz is taking my fancy at the moment. I do have a couple of ideas such as the Zacspeed Mk. 2 Escort, which could be a good one to do. It is already very wide so I wouldnt have to add anything to the width. A type 59 Bugatti, still a possibility and an Allard maybe. I am also very open to ideas so if you have any pictures please send them and any information. Information is the key, and the more you do the less I have to. The Alfa P3 is still in there as is a Singer Le Mans. I still like the idea of making a couple of Pre WW1 cars. We did some work on these a few months a go but I got distracted. A Jag XJ13 could be good, not many versions or racing heritage but a gorgeous looking car. I will probably do a couple of plastic widened cars. I have a couple in mind, not going to say what though. The New Year will be interesting as there are new models ready to go and lots of models to be modified. The Mk. 7 Jag has been lightened from 39g to 28g, still quite heavy but it is a big car. But the Monte Carlo rally and the racing Mk. 7 will be in production and the new version will fit onto the Galaxie RM chassis. I was hoping to get the Daytona 2D done for Christmas but I have got a bit behind so that is one for the new year. It needed a bit more work than I thought but it does look good. Now we all know what I am going to make next year, no secrets... Or are there? There may be the odd surprise. So from Joe (the email, post and news editing monkey) and myself, we wish all our customers and friends a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. PS. Next news first week of Jan. Note from Joe: The last post has gone now and thankfully we have got everything out. So if you are waiting on any parcels it is in the hands of Father Christmas now. Im off to get merry.

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