Lady drivers

31-01-14 As mentioned last week I have made a couply of lady drivers for my MGK3s. Now you may think Norma and Gloria are somewhat voluptuous, but with figures at this size if you do not caricature a little you would not notice they were ladies. So they are a little curvaceous. And sins of sins Norma is smoking a cigy. The Stits sisters are on the accessory page and cost £5 for the pair (two figures that is). They can be modified to fit into other cars but I have not tried it. On the subject of smoking I do not smoke and never have, well not cigarettes anyway. But cigarettes advertising on cars was brilliant. Some of the best liveries cam from cigs, gold leaf team lotus for instance. JPS, Silkcut Jags looked awesome. Rothmans on the Porsches. But strangely enough it never entered my mind to start smoking. Mind you every time I see Budweiser on a racing car Im off down the pub. The Auto Union is nearly finished, honest. Next week should have pics of the finished model.

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