Jag Mk1 has taken shape


As usual I am very behind with orders, hope to catch up next week, apologies for anyone who is waiting on a kit. It is a bit of a balancing act because I have to make new prototypes for future models and also do some moulding. This week the Jag Mk1 has taken shape and will probably be the next model finished. The first version will be the early car with narrow grill and rear wheel spats. I will only make a few of these (until the mould runs out, so about 30) then I will modify it into various versions with the later grill and without rear wheel spats and maybe a Cooms version. As a matter of interest the Mk1 has roughly the same wheel base as the falcon and cougar. So should be good on the track.

The D type is looking good as is the ferrari. The merc is well under way, all hollowed out and I am now waiting on some photo etchs for it.

Not quite there on the RM Chassis yet but not far off, we have got one fitted in a falcon and a cougar. They look low and very very nice. Hopefully have more news on the chassis soon. Also I have put a couple more bits on the accessory section of the website, including number plate decals (only got 50 sheets though).

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