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I have had a nice little break over Easter

05-04-16 I have had a nice little break over Easter. I managed three days off, four was too much I just love making toy cars. So the bench was tidied(ish) after finishing off the XK120s and I am busy blocking out a couple of new models and finishing off a couple of other things. The BRM should be done this week, I dont think anyone else has made this version up to now. Not that it was a succesful car in real life but an important British GP car all the same. I am quite surprised that the XK120 is a very neglected car model wise, especially the Coupé not many historic race wins but a very succesful club racer. Obviously the roadster has been done by Ninco but its pretty horrid. As you can see my workbench is full of models in various stages of construction. I have started work on an Alfa Romeo T33 Daytona Coupé. Yes it has been done before but our one will be made to take a Slot It sidewinder set up. I was going to keep this one quiet but I just cant keep a secret. It is quite interesting that to get to this stage of a model it takes one days work. You may think blimey its nearly done, but no this bit was the easy bit. From here on out it starts to get more intricate and hopefully in a month it should be done. Emphasis on hopefully. The Maserati sitting in the background may be on its wheels fairly soon. So as you can see no shortage of new models in the pipeline. Must get those Aston Martins underway. Seems strange not to have an Aston in the range. I have painted up a Jag XK120 in yellow, similar to Ecurie Belge cars and I think it looks very nice. The spatted car will be in next weeks news. This one will look very good in an off white. I now have a couple of days for remaking a few moulds. The Allard moulds are being upgraded and modified to be in line with our three point chassis. After this one with some new stuff.

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