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I have been considering some new models this week

19-07-15 The Bentley is taking shape very nicely now, there is still a lot to do but as you can see it is getting there. It should make for a very impressive model on the track and the new 19 inch pendle wire wheels are just right. I have decided to do two versions, the first will have the wheel spats on, I have only found one photo of the Bentley at Le Mans with the spats, all other pics show the car with rear wheels exposed. So there you are wheels spats or no wheel spats, both will look pretty damn good. I have been considering some new models this week. I will make the Frazer Nash, fairly sure of that and I think a 1956 BRM is on the cards, a nice green car for a change. Then a 1952 Cooper Bristol would lovely, a knobly, ugly little car but will make a very pretty model. Got some more ideas but more on those later. I also made a few modifications to the Le Mans Chaparral 2D. The mould is more or less finished so it has been slightly modified and will now have a new chassis that can use a sidewinder pod (not included). I have tried it on the track and it works very well. The normal chassis still fits so you will have the choice, more on this next week. I do like the Slot it sidewinder motor mount. It works brilliantly in my GT cars and I think they are reasonably priced. I have also been experimenting with some new polyurethane tyres that I have made. There are two types (both slicks) a big one and a little one, and if you have a tyre truer they can be turned down to various sizes. I have tried them on a few cars and they work extremely well. Both fit on Slot It 8mm wheels of various sizes. They still have a lot more work to do on them but they look promising. Again more on this soon. Next week will be spent mostly on the Bentley, being a big car it takes quite a while to mill and grind it out to a thin shell, creating an awful lot of dust. But hopefully it should be on its wheels very soon. I have been looking at the King Cobra and with a little modification it will take a sidewinder, so that will be another little side project. the Revell Lola T70 is also crying out for the sidewinder treatment (Note from Joe: If you think hes going on about sidewinders now, you should hear him in the workshop) and it will take very little modification. Some asked me why I was doing this side project as opposed to getting on with totally new stuff, well first I like these 60s Sports GT cars and there are a lot already in production. But most of them are no more than shelf queens. With a little work we can make them good for the track as well. Also the sidewinder set up allows for more interior detail if you wish it so I might make a couple of detailed resin interiors. But they will be sold separately. I know I am just a money grabbing bastard.

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