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I am now working on Chapparal 2D

12-09-14 I am now working on Chapparal 2D, no honestly I am. So with any luck it should be on its wheels by the end of next week. Unfortunately there are always moulds to be remade and other jobs to do but I need to get this model finished. When you come back to a model after a couple of months you look at it with new eyes, or slightly older eyes at least, and you notice things you missed before. So the last couple of days have been spent redoing the front end, but it is looking better. The 2D is a very pretty car, I am looking forward to getting this one finished. The 1966 Le Mans car will be the first one done. The aim will be to have one running on our track within a month, seriously this time. As mentioned previously the decals are done and the colour shouldnt be a problem, its white... Oh I forgot it will be the wrong shade of white because someone has a faded 20 year old photo and it looks slightly cream and someone else has an old model and that is off white. And the whole thing starts again. The forums will be screaming with bloody experts on Chapparal white. Ho hum. A few chaps popped down last week on Saturday to have a play on the track and I think they enjoyed it, plus we had doughnuts. So hopefully we will have a few more down this saturday to play again and have more doughnuts. If you wish to come down and want the address email me, we will be there from 11 o clock, with Doughnuts. (Note from Joe: Well done Dad, bribe them with food.) I put some info up on the hints and tips page for the RM Mini, wheels, tyres etc. Also a couple of people have mentioned that cars with RM chassis can rattle a tiny bit, to counter this you can a bit of masking tape across the underside of the chassis to dampen it down a bit, it also seems to make them run abit better. I have got my MGBeasty running. It looks great and goes very well, I will not be putting it on the car page as I dont think it is worth doing but I will make a couple of kits up if anyone wants one. I would like to get my bullfrog going but I think my son will get the hump and moan at me to get on with the 2D. (Note from Joe: Bleeding heck, he listened). The last version of the W125 is finished and moulded, this is the 1937 Italian GP winner. It will be on the car page next week. After this that will be it for silver cars for a while, I want to do white and blue and green ones. I am still suffering from orange wheel syndrome as you can see from the photo but hopefully this will end soon as the can is nearly empty.

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