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Chapparal is not quite finished

03-10-14 OK the Chapparal is not quite finished, I always seem to forget how long it takes to make all the bits that go with a completely new model. This week I have made the resin chassis which includes a new front end (another one). This one is specific to the Chap and brings the guide further forward. It all fits very nicely and we hope to fit an RM chassis soon. I have not started the vac form interior or the window mould yet, plus I still have quite a few details to put on the body. Oh and I almost forgot, the headlight vac forms as well, so probably another week to finish it (I must stop playing with the track). I know the Chapparal 2D has been done a few times before but hopefully we will be offering you one that looks right on and off the track but also runs as a good slot car. My aim for the new models is just that, good looking models that also work on the track. If someone wants to use scale wheels and tyres thats fine but I like big wide tyres that work well and look cool. I will be making new wheel inserts for the 2D (Oh god another job to do). I still like my models to have wheel inserts, plain wheels just dont look right. A lot of good scale models are spoiled by horrid wheels. Mind you some of my models have strange wheels but we are doing a lot of experimenting on the track. We have put a parts list up on the hints and tips section for our resin chassis Mini-24. We are recommending using slot it motor Cat no. SIMS07, this is a 25k rpm motor but it comes with a 9 tooth pinion fitted plus the lead wires are soldered on, very handy for novices (and lazy sods like me). It isnt the cheapest motor but it saves a lot of messing about. A cheaper motor that has surprised us is the MRRC S can power 26 motor (26k). These can be very fast and are half the price of the slot it (no pinion or wires though) but they do vary. Get a good one and your car will fly, my black and yellow mini has an MRRC motor... I like my black and yellow Mini alot at the moment.

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