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Chapparal 2D

26-09-14 Yes, I have actually been working on the Chapparal 2D. I now have the shell broadly finished. The next job is always a long one, cutting and grinding a solid block into a thin shell, there is no quick way of doing it. A lot of the material can be milled out and the rest has to be ground out with a flexy hand grinder. This is extremely messy and dusty, believe me, it usually takes about two days and sometimes I do end up grinding right through the body. Thank goodness for P38 body filler. Even with the model at this stage I still have at least a weeks work still to do, lots of detail still to put on. There is also the chassis to make and the mounting points, the window vac form (these will be tricky on this car) as well as the interior. Once all this is done the silicon moulds can be produced. After that hopefully we can get out the first casting. So it is possible that by the end of next week it will be finished. I would guess a new model takes a little over a month to make depending on the car. The Bullfrog is also nearly finished and will be on the track in a couple of days, I think it looks great. It may not be everyones cup of tea but I love it and cant wait to get it running. We have also been experimenting with a new chassis front end which will allow the guide to be moved significantly further forward to improve handling. It has three parts and will be sold seperately as an upgrade, as it will not suit all models. It will suit cars with a long overhang in front of the chassis like the King Cobra. This will be on the accessory page next week. So what is next? Well I have already said there will be four versions of the Chap 2D, but I think the other versions can wait a bit as I want to do a Talbot Lago GS. We do not have many french cars in our range so it is about time we remedied this as some of the 1930s Lagos are stunning. Plus having some blue cars in the range cant hurt. I wont be able to make it to Havant this weekend due to family issues, but hopefully will make it to Wolves next weekend.

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