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05-09-14 Nearly finished with the mercs. The W196s are finished and all four versions are on the car page. The 1937 Monaco GP winner W125 is also finished and on the car page. This is a different body casting from the first two, so now only one more to go and that is the 1937 Italian GP winner, which is a different casting again. We are in the process of casting and sending these kits out, so if you have ordered one or two please be patient as my son Joe is working very hard to get them made (honest), I dont know a little bit of hard work and dont these young people moan (Note from Joe: Yes dont these young people moan about editing your ruddy website for you. In all seriousness though I can only make a few complete kits a day and we already have many orders for these new cars so patience is very appreciated). So please buy lots more kits as it makes Joe very unhappy (nervous breakdown) and me very happy. I like being happy. My Bullfrog and MGBeasty are coming on and will be run on the track very soon. Speaking of the track we are moving forward slowly, we actually vacuumed the floor and cleaned all the spiders and flies from around the windows. The pit area is also done and the control platform is taking shape, so not far off now. We will be open this Saturday, down in Shoebury, if anyone wants to come along. I will be remoulding for a few more days then I will get back to making new stuff (Note from Joe: Ill try and make sure its the 2D that gets done first.) As I have said in previous news I have got a few projects on the go, but improving existing models is still important. The modified Wanglia will be decorated and out next week. I have also prototyped a new chassis front end piece and I am in the process of modifying it further so that the guide can be moved further forward, if the front of the car allows. A couple of notes for wheels and tyres. For the Merc W196 I have used pendle wire wheels Cat no.: 32207 and 32229, the same as on the D50 and 246 Ferrari, they are not totally accurate but a pretty good compromise. The W125 uses the PST Wire wheels. But the Monaco car uses pendle tyre cat no.: 32266/t and 32246/t which I think look pretty good and give surprisingly good grip. Also I dont have to make them, I hate making tyres. Actually I hate making silicon rubber moulds, but when it is a new model and you get the first casting out it is all worth while.

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